Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Ok

So I was reading a really awesome blog today it's called Observations of a Token Yankee and she was linking up with some other people (if I understood the linking up thing I would've done it but I'm a bit slow at this and sitcking with what I know) for something called 'It's ok Thursday' and then she gave a list of things that are 'ok' and I really liked that idea.  I won't be doing 'it's ok thursday' but I will be doing my own little 'it's ok' list.  Hope you enjoy!

  • It's ok that the shirt I ordered doesn't look amazing!  I'm in love with it and I know my hubby is going to be all about it!
  • It's ok that I'm just not crazy into Christmas this year, the love of my life can't be with me and it's just not the same without him!
  • It's ok that I'm scared and nervous and anxious for us to be a civilian couple, it's a big change.  But if we put our faith in the Lord it will all be ok.
  • It's ok I'm not making the Christmas cookies from scratch this year they taste just as good!
  • It's ok that I am enjoying a(few) glasses of my favorite red wine tonight, it was just that kinda night!

It's ok!...that is such an awesome phrase!  Maybe this is going to start being a constant in my journal!  Making a list of things that I may be worrying about or concerned with but's all ok!

I feel like I can Breathe again!

So how are you today?  Tonight?  This week?  Ready for Christmas?  Do you need to take a minute, and breathe, and just tell yourself "'s ok"

...ok and also have to include this other awesome song that I just LOVE

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