Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4 Days of 'falalala'ing in love!

So up until and on the day of Christmas Eve I'm doing my own little blogging mini-series and calling it "Falalalaing in love" because in four days I met Stephen, and fell even more in love with him, and then married him on Christmas Eve!  So everyday I'll share a picture of us from that day TWO years ago!  And also any Christmasy activity I was involved in present day!
So the above picture is Stephen and I about 15 minutes after we met on December 20th, right now 4:42 pm I was driving to the SFO airport to pick up my future husband!  Weird to think two years have gone by!  Christmas time has always been my favorite and it was made even more special by the marriage of my husband and I on Christmas Eve something I never would've personally picked or planned...it just happened...and perfectly so!  The Lord works in mysterious ways!...And now my other half never has an excuse to forget our anniversary!
So the above video is 'our song' by simple plan...Christmas list...listen to it...and be moved!
I drank coffee and made out Christmas cards!!! As long as I get it out before Christmas eve...I am right on schedule LOL! Almost done though so thats good :) wish me luck!

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