Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful (Day3)

Today once again, I was going on the right path and satan just wasn't having it!  But when I started getting really down and on that 'I just want to give up!!!!' mind set...I put on Victory in Jesus...SUCH an uplifting song!...Although clapping while I'm trying to drive in the rain at 8pm probably not the best idea lol.  Once again though NOT focusing on the bad only going to blog about the good and the great and the touching all the warm fuzzy stuff!

So here it goes...Today I am SO Thankful for;
  1. A calm heart and mind
  2. Peace
  3. Quiet
  4. Short well illustrated British cartoons
  5. peaceful music
  6. Fancy coffee
  7. rainy/windy/cloudy weather
  8. a big comfy chair with wonderful memories in it
  9. and those old winter clothes you finally get to pull out of the storage shed that you forget looked SO cute on you and just covers up ALL the right spots! 
Now to elaborate...

Today my everyone one was out of the house so I left Ft.Lester and hung out there today.  Tried to relax, just breathe, and remain calm.  Things seem to be going crazy lately and it's hard coping so really what I needed was a calm day and the Lord.  And I really got it!

Now...The well illustrated, short, British cartoons...what I mean to say is I had a little Beatrix Potter marathon!  I do not care how old I am...I LOVE Beatrix Potter they're such beautiful tales!  When I have a baby you can bet his/her room will be decorated in all the different stories!  I watched my FAVORITE one "The Tailor of Gloucester"

Just so y'all know I am so passionate about these books and movies I will be doing an entire blog devoted to it later!

Coffee...Fancy Coffee (Starbucks) and creamer...yummy! put that with cold weather, comfy clothes, and my husband's favorite chair (AKA *when he's gone* my second home)
So was a pretty great day...and I'm going to apologize in advance to all you lovely people reading this (which means probably just my mommy lol) I'm going to be blogging like crazy the next few days I've had ALL these ideas floating around in my head and have photos to go with them I just NEED to get them out!  So stay tuned!

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