Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful (Day 2)

November 2nd was kind of a...

ok ok I know.  I need to be thankful and today I can't even blog about ONE reason to be thankful I have WAY more than that.  And that in itself is a reason to be thanful!  I feel like today I was doing really good, getting things done, doing the right thing, honoring the Lord in a way that I should really do EVERYDAY, praying about everything not just my problems but also giving thanks and praising him for the small and big things happening.  And THAT is when Satan decided to bring me down, well try to anyway.  And he is still trying right this very second apparently.  Ugh.  But he hasn't won yet!  And he's not going to!  I'm trying to just stay strong and keep praying and having faith.  Alot of not so great things have been happening today BUT I'm not going to focus on all that mess I'm going to be all about the good!  SO here we go some awesome things to be thankful for!

1) My phone conversation with my mother in law today!  Yeah kind of shocking I know, My mother-in-law (I just call her mom) and I don't have an amazing relationship or anything we just aren't quite comfortable yet I've only met her once and we've only been married two years so we have time.  But every once in a while I get really sensetive where she's concerned and feel like she hates me that was sunday lol well today I decided to call her and just talk and we had a REALLY great conversation!  And at the end of it she said "I love y'all (i am SO included in y'all!) and I really love hearin from you" to my knowledge and I have a nawesome memory this is the first time that she's ever said 'Love' and it meant ALOT to me!
2) I am also thankful for my wonderful grandmother!  We were supposed to have this big planning meeting for this huge christmas play thats been stressing us both out to the point that we're frustrated with each other and can barely be around each other, but today we got some news about it that may have made things easier and harder when I went to pick her up for the meeting and she looked like she was going to the gallows I decided we needed a change in plans.  And we went to lunch instead, took a long drive up to my favorite little town and we got a cookie and two handsome youngmen sang to her and then we went to antique stores and shopped and window shopped the rest of the afternoon!  It was WONDERFUL and just what we needed!
3) I'm thankful that I've finally started to slow down.  Not so rush rush rush ALL the time anymore.  It's wonderful!
4)That I have such a loving and sweet husband.
5)That the weather is finally starting to change!!!

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