Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankful (Day 1)

So everyday of November I've decided to write about being thankful, something or someone I'm thankful for.  Anything as long as I'm writing about how blessed and lucky I am.  I'll post the usual things to but am going to make sure I post a little thankfulness every single day!  Even on Thanksgiving!

So today is Day 1

I am thankful that my facebook and caffiene addictions have finally began to get under control.  I've always had a really bad caffiene problem.  I have an addictive personality I'll admit it.  And thankfully my loving and patient husband has also ackowledged and accepted this.  He also could see my FB addiction when I couldn't, and of course I couldn't see it when it actually became a problem.  I was a chronic poster, I would wake up from a dead sleep for a notification.  But it's almost two months now without facebook and I am happy to report I am still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I realized I really had a problem when I hadn't had it for about a week and noticed that all my journal entries looked like facebook updates, and that when someone was on facebook around me I had to stop myself from taking whatever device they were using and start posting or looking around LOL!  It was actually really bothersome!  But I'm doing good and when I'm bored or want to waste time it really sucks not having it and I miss seeing family updates and chatting and sharing pictures with good friends but it was turning into something akin to high school people were trying to start drama, my group was taking over my life (not their fault totally mine), I was always on it because someone needed to talk or something like that.  I am happy to say that life seems to have improved DRASTICALLY since I don't have facebook!  The important people are still in my life and as odd as it sounds I feel free!  My caffiene addiction I can honestly say I will always struggle with.  I have very bad anxiety so obviously my coffee problem doesn't help lol.  But I'm doing better I only have it once or twice a week now!  So I'm VERY thankful to the Lord and the help of my husband I seem to be doing very well with no facebook and doing better than ever on the caffiene front!  I feel better mentally and physically!  I am a much happier person!  I'm very Thankful that I seem to be getting my life back on track...♥

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I love this idea. And I would love to steal it...that is if you don't mind!

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