Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween?

Well Halloween is here...and it means absolutely nothing to me lol (hence the question mark).  I was going to dress up but my husband's computer broke and I really don't care about dressing up for anyone but him so that went out the window...last night was a horrible night's sleep and i mean HORRIBLE!  I am exhausted and I did absolutely nothing today.  I don't know how that's possible but it is I completely ignored my large to-do list.  Well it's 9pm on halloween night and I have The Crow playing on my big 'ol tv in Ft.Lester while I type away on the computer and contemplate looking at my to-do list before bed.  The only kind of Halloween celebration was getting chineese food for the family and us munching on fall cupcakes lol!  Which was very fun, I felt today was a little depressing though because I'm just not into the halloween thing so it was just any other monday but it was kinda weird watching so many people out enjoying themselves and me just kind of being a remote onlooker...idk I love the crow and it's our favorite movie (my husband and myself) its OUR movie ya know?  That one movie that just makes us fall desperately in love all over again ;) ...the only other thing halloween means is it's almost Thanksgiving now THAT is one of my favorite holidays and I cannot wait!  Tomorrow or later tonight though I'm going to do a very late Fall Blog!  And I'm so excited to show y'all a few of the crafts and the little bit of decorating I've been doing!  Happy Halloween everyone!  Tomorrow is pay day so tonight I'm figuring out money and bills and getting ready for bed...I'm so old lol!  But it felt kind of wrong not doing a 'halloween post' SO I'm going to show some pictures of the only halloween my husband and I have got to spend together!  And my husband LOVES halloween!  Absolutely loves it, we are so different lol I honestly would be way more into it if he was here just to see how happy and excited he gets about it lol but anyway

SO It's 2010, I randomly decide in the middle of church 'hey we should have a halloween party tonight!' I write him a note his face INSTANTLY lights up lol so I immeadiately start to text everyone in my phone book we had our own house at this time and he was home on R&R from Afghanistan so I figured throwing a fat halloween party was the least I could do for the love of my life (obviously I was not paying attention to the sermon on this particular day lol). 

This is my pumpkin headed babyLoveee! LOL his head matches the pumpkins so I thought it was a funny picture (he's also a red head whose hair looks orange lol)

It was his first time EVER carving pumpkins at 24 and we had SO much fun lol! I made the heart and he made the face and whatever the other odd shape was hah!

That day we went trick-or-treating with our friends (sad to say we're no longer friend but I love this picture) Tommy and Jenn and their kids I just thought this picture of Tommy and Stephen was hilarious

These are Tommy and Jenn's kids it was really fun trick or treating with them! Can't wait till we have babies to dress up lol!

My cousin Danielle and I later that night, she was a vampire I just dressed up really fancy LOL

My husband and I being sillyyy!  He was The Crow just makes me swoon looking at him ♥

And then of course I got to share one of the best things about Halloween in my oppinion...breaking the pumpkins!!! haha this is my hubby right before we had to go back to the airport to take him to Afghanistan, a couple days after Halloween he loved throwing them lol!  It was one of those miserable, sad, scary, military good-byes and I was trying to think of something to lighten the mood..hence the throwing of the pumpkins :)

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