Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Girl's trash is another Girl's New Trendy Find!

SO who doesn't like getting FREE STUFF?!  And I don't mean crappy free stuff that you're just going to give to good will or throw away as soon as the person that is giving it to you leaves...I mean fun PURSES (I may or may not have a purse problem) and Jewelery!  My church has a 'Ladies Swap Night!' we all brang food and stuff we didn't use or want purses, shoes, necklaces, rings, girl stuff!  And you get a ticket for every two items you bring and you just get to go pick out something!!!! I got some really great stuff and thought I'd share some pictures of my favorites and this really awesome idea!  Talk about recycling!

SO here are some awesome free items that I got!

I love faded darker versions of basic colors (my friend Lauren and I have dubbed them 'burnt colors' lol they look good with my olive skin) and so this Red purse (I've never had one so it was especially cool) was perfect it's a really good size and shape lots of pockets on the inside the only thing I changed was I took those 3small intertwined rings off the front.  And this purse is XOXO so it'll last a good long while I've had a few of their purses and aside from the super cute 'xoxo' logo they're reliable!  So YAY for a new, free, fall purse!

So this necklace is probably not everyone's cup of tea but I have enough 80 year old woman in me to have literally squeeled when I saw it!  You can't really tell but on the black beads all the flowers are outlined in gold and it was just really pretty and had a vintage feel to it that I just go nuts over!  I like necklaces like this because they can really dress up an otherwise to-plain or just casual outfit!

...OH and I got a surprise about a week later to go with this necklace in a really awesome antique store!

...yeah...matching black earrings (and if they aren't exact they are so close that unless someone was ALL up in my personal space which they should never ever be they won't be able to tell) and the even better part is they were only FIVE dollar AND they are CLIP ONS!!!!!!!...I don't have my ears pierced I promised my dad for his 50th birthday I would never get any piercings or tatts.

Also found these brown/bronze clip-ons in the same antique store (also 5 dollars!) that are just so cute and perfect for my personality and sense of style (yeah brown is randomly one of my favorite colors.)

SO yeah.  Pretty happy with these free/totally cheap and worth it finds of mine!  Yay for accessories!

...What kind of accessories do you like?  What are your favorite colors?  Do you have any fall staples for your winter wardrobe? Feel free to share!

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