Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful (Day 4)

Things that pissed me off many.  And I'm sad to say I just didn't pray like I should've today instead I was grumpy with unbelievable biggest one being my husband.  Right at this very moment in time I am NOT overly fond of german beer.  Or the fact that my husband's platoon got off early today.  Or the fact that every guy in his hallway decided to have a party and get DRUNK...BUT this is my annual 'Thankful' post.  So no negativity here!!!! (..nobody said anything about bitter sarcasm though!) SO yes a drunk phone call that turns into a huge pointless fight...not fun.  At all.  Like at all.  Right? WELL lets spin that negative into a positive to be thankful for!!!!  Tomorrow he will undoubtedly feel like a huge ass!  And when he doesn't believe the things he said or the level of moronic he reached I will readily use my amazingly unparalleled memory to remind him and when he still refuses to believe I will pull out my iphone...yes my iphone with the voicemail from him.  And with my point being proven and met my silence (at least he'll have the good decency to be emberassed...and I know he will be it will be so acute, almost palpable even through the phone).  After heaping on lots and lots of fun marital guilt he will be like prince charming for the rest of the weekend and most of monday!...I don't gloat over his stupidity when he rarely gets to this level of intoxicated...I may relish throwing it back in his face the next morning (loudly and early I might add) but I NEVER gloat...that would be rude and positively unatractive of me!  SO to shorten this up which I fail miserable at doing...I am SO SUPER DEE DUPER THANKFUL for drunk phone messages (AKA Proof) from my husband on 5pm my time on friday night, brings me back to the days of our courtship...♥

I am also thankful for the patience I am (usually) able to hold onto firmly...only with the help of the Lord though.  And the fact that I am mature enough and in touch with reality enough that I know not to get into a giant fight and keep it going, he wasn't really being himself.  I'm also thankful for the fact that he can just be so adorable sometimes.  Even when horrendously intoxicated he's just to sweet and adorable I want to give him kisses and tuck him into bed!  And then he usually messes that up with saying something stupid followed by snoring so I hang-up.  Pray for me please people...I need it lol.

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