Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful (Day 5) ...oops missed a day :( bad...totally forgot to blog on Saturday :( saturday was kind of a rough day...pretty stressful not alot of sleep. and the internet was out until tonight.  Very blafghghghghghghghghgh kinda weekend.  For many different reasons none of which I have the energy to write about.  But I want to keep doing this so here we go!  Saturday, November 5th I was thankful for...the fact that my FAVORITE movie arrived in the mail (had just ordered it through amazon a few days earlier) just in time to make my bad day good :) or better anyway!  What movie is this you ask?  It's called...

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

I've been watching this classic musical since I was about 8 years old.  I didn't know my first love was a redhead lol I'd completely forgotten!  And now I'm married to my very own redhead ♥ lol watching this movie now and seeing the brothers just made me think of my southern boy and all his nephews and friends he considers brothers, and how when I met them I had to act alot like the main character Millie and all of my brothers and nephews are redheads to ;) this movie just made me smile and laugh and feel warm and good inside and miss my inlaws and appreciate my husband alot more♥

...whats your favorite movie?  Why is it your favorite?  How does it make you feel to watch it?

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