Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sexiest Men of 2011 (my list anyway)

SO! I will now be honoring 


I hope you're ready ladies!  Because these guys are more appealing than Chocolatte Cheesecake with Rasberry sauce drizzled on top...yummm!!!! So I'm going to do these in numericl order (#5 being the sexiest)!  And hereeeeeee we GO!

#1, Conan The Barbarian

This is Conan, Conan is other word...and a part of his body strongly resembles the best feature of a Mr.Jean Claude VanDamme...if you know what I mean ;) and he's here for his hair, and his big mean brown eyes

#2, Theseus

Theseus is here for his accent (don't know what it was but it was perfect for his Greek role), his attitude, his insane fighting skills, and just his personality was adorable

#3, The random theif from the movie immortals!

yeah he was just hot...thats all I got.

#4, Sam Worthington as David in 'The Debt'

He was just sweet, pulled you in with his intense silence and he was one of the good guys but he wasn't soft and girly he had that hard edge that you usually see in a bad boy and he did that thing where he falls for one girl and he never forgets her, you walk away with a bitter sweet love for him its one of those movies and he's one of those characters that make a girl SWOON


Number Five

Mr.Stephen Michael Lester

MY husband

♥...yeah I went there...♥

Mr.Lester is here because every aspec of his very being makes him the sexiest man alive (at least to me) he completely blows those other guys out of the water.  They cannot hold a candel to the love of my life

My baby love, my booger butt, my best friend, thats right...he's that dude I married ;)

On Our Wedding Day...♥

Majestic isn't he ;)

My christmas present to him one year haha!

my babe right before he went to Afghanistan

This is him when he was 4 lol a cutie even then!

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