Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love brave girls club!!!

Dear Thankful Girl,

Love is really is. When we can love for the sake of loving without expecting anything in return....incredible things can happen in the lives of those we are loving, but especially in our own lives and hearts. Love can heal us...NOT the love we get, but the love we GIVE. Kind of crazy, isn’t it?

This time of year is a perfect time to practice this kind of unconditional love, as it frees us from the trap of expecting that something will happen if we love enough, if we love the right way, or if we love more than ever. Often, during times when we are seeing a lot of loved ones, we hope and hope and hope that things will finally be different in our relationships if we do more, or if we change....and we are often disappointed that things happen the way they always have....and we end up feeling hurt.

LOVE LOVE LOVE, and LOVE BIG....but don’t expect anything to happen in return. Feel how good it feels to spread that kind of be the bearer of peace, to be kind, to show compassion...and then let it go. Let the reward be the good feelings that you have from doing it. If something wonderful happens in will just be a bonus...because you already feel great because you chose to love no matter what.

Loving this way requires a lot of bravery...and that is something that you are filled you’ve got everything it takes. Just try it, you will see.

And don’y forget that YOU are loved more than you could ever know...please believe it.

Dear Fantastic Girl,

It's a hard skill to learn, and it requires lots of practice, but we really can make it through just about anything with peace in our hearts. We might have had other people rattle us in the past, we might have let situations make us feel small or insignificant, we may have made choices that we are not proud of, but we always have the power to make today a new day and to go where the peace is.

When something happens that would normally throw you off course, dear friend, please remember that it is your choice how you react. It is hard to hold your head up when other people or situations are trying to pull you down. It is hard to stay composed and cheerful when you feel the rug being pulled out from under you. It is hard to keep going when obstacles keep showing up. It is hard.

BUT REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER that YOU are a brave girl, and brave girls do hard things every day. Brave girls KEEP doing things that they believe in. They keep being who they are. They keep standing up for what they believe in. They keep being kind and true no matter what, even when it is hard to do.

GO WHERE THE PEACE IS. Some may say this is weak, but it is actually the bravest thing you will ever do and one that requires the most strength. When things are right, they feel peaceful. They may not feel easy, and oftentimes they don't, but the right thing always always always feels peaceful. So do what you know is right. THAT is where the peace is.

You can do it -- no matter what.
You are so brave.


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