Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Thoughts Of Love like Falling Leaves Swirling in The Autumn Breeze"

Well Fall is almost over, Thanksgiving is only a few hours away, and Christmas will seem only minutes away in a few days.  I love Autumn, it's been a great season...I'm going to do a farewell Autumn post after Thanksgiving.  Tonight and Today was/have been all about preparation fro tomorrow.  And enjoying shopping time alone and with my grandma, tonight will be cooking and cleaning time with my mom, this morning was a trip to the gas station with my daddy, and tomorrow will be an-hell-has-broken-loose-kinda it always is!  From the thanksgiving of 100+ people on my grandparents ranch (yeah tats all family by the way) to our crazy smaller family dinner at my parents with my husband on speaker phone from Germany it is bound to be interesting!  Expect lots of pictures, videos, and a restraining order or lawsuit to follow ;)

Tonight I'm going to be making some last minute crafts, and some early food preparations!  It's definitely almost thanksgiving the tell-tale signs are EVERYWHERE...

Amazingly beautiful flowers and other things in the warmest shades of reds and golds to decorate tables with!

...Going into the bathroom and noticing the frozen 24 pound bird the bathtub

Random boxes of stove top strategically placed so there is no chance of Grandma forgetting it COUGH*again*COUGH

Oh and that homemade pie everyone just MUST have the recipe for LOL ;)

OH...and the lovely substance that will get through the crazy that is my family!

What makes you realize "oh yeah its thanksgiving now"...????

Enjoy this awesome song about counting your blessings by Bing Crosby to get you in the Thanksgiving mood!

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