Sunday, November 27, 2011

Out at the range...

A typical week for a military wife it seems, not only is SPC Husband in Germany (when he's not in Afghanistan on deployment that's where he's stationed) but now he's out at the range (Which means no communication for us!) shooting expert with the MGS but it's going to be one of the busiest weeks in december for me! His most stressful week and my most stressful week...yay! I must say this a testament to how 'spoiled' I've been lately it's only been 8 hours since we've talked and I'm just now realizing I don't get my daily wake up call tomorrow, No Lovins for a few days! I miss my baby! Ok ok sorry, this makes me smile though thinking of the times we went 4 months without any kind of communication! So a week is nothing, my honey is shooting his mobile gunning system, getting expert with the 105 cannon, the 50 Cal, and only the Army know what else! He also was promoted to gunner and he went from sharp shooter with a 9 millimeter to expert! And I am putting on The True Story of Christmas play for 500 kids and their families, have to get it all together in 3 days! I usually have 2-3 weeks and this is the first time I have so much responsibility (assistant director, thank you very much!) so I'm busy and he's busy and we miss each other! That's about the end of this post, please forgive me I just wanted to be a sappy Army wife for a bit <3

Those pictures are 1 of me missing my love a month or so ago, us one night in San Francisco, and one of my husband at work lol! Wearing his Mitch lookin all cute! Enjoy!!!

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