Friday, October 28, 2011

The Passion of The Christ

If you don't know what that picture is from, it's from the movie The Passion Of The Christ.  I just watched this movie for the first time ever tonight.  I bought it on amazon and it just got here today so I figure it's a movie every christian needs to see at least once...I have not cried that hard what seems like forever almost from the very first scene tears just poured out of my eyes.  I felt like my very soul was screaming.  I know nothing of temptation, of forgiveness, I know nothing of pain, of being alone, of taking care of others when I feel nobody is there to take care of me, I know nothing.  Nothing at all.  I could barely look at the screen when they were beating Jesus I found myself crying and screaming to stop it, I forced myself to watch though.  So I would realize, that I will never know that pain I cannot fathom what he felt if I can barely look at the tv screen to watch it how could I have even been there in the streets watching?  There's no way at all.  One of the times Jesus fell from carrying the cross I got on my knees on the floor and started to pray, it was one of those prayers that is a praise, a thank you, a scream, sobbing, I don't think anyone could possibly have understood what I was saying I don't even remember all I know is what I felt and I know God knew what I wanted to say, God knows how I felt.  I went through a box of tissues.  I'm in awe of this movie.  I am in awe of my God, of his son.  OF the love that he has for us, for me.  All the pain and suffering he went through how strong he was to not give into Satan's temptation when it would've been so easy he didn't give in he believed in his Father he trusted him.  And now my sins have been washed away.  The movie had subtitles which I didn't expect, it was in Greek I think? Not sure but it sounded that way or Latin maybe some dead language not many people know.  It really added to the movie.  And as odd as it sounds to say this, I really like the way they depicted Satan.  I was hoping it wouldn't be a red guy with horns, I didn't want to include pictures of the actor who portrayed him in here but I'll describe him a bit he was pale, no not pale he was WHITE, with scary eyes (blue or black?), no hair (no eyebrows, nothing) and you honestly couldn't tell if it was a man or woman under the black cloak.  Mel Gibson did wonderful.  I've said that a million times in this already I'm sure but it was awe inspiring.  And when they were filming the scene with the Crucifixion it was actually struck by lightening.  The Passion Of The Christ is actually the highest grossing independent film OF ALL TIME.  I was very happy to hear that.  Obviously this movie touched me in words I can't describe even to myself I couldn't explain it instead I let my tears say it all for me, I let my mumbled words tell the Lord how greatfull I am and how sorry I am, I want to be so much better after watching this.  The hung him on that cross and still he said "Forgive them Lord they know not what they do"

 Now the whole reason I ordered the movie off of amazon was because I started watching The Nativity Story almost every night, it also made me cry but more tears of joy at the birth of Jesus.  This particular movie though, and I guess this dipiction of Joespeh and Mary was PERFECT.  It put it into perspective ALOT for me.  They were real people, they sinned, they worried, they had normal fears.  It was not the rosey picture Christmas card tend to make it but it was beautiful because of how painfully real it was.

One of my favorite scenes is when Mary goes to see her cousin Elizabeth (nobody knows she is pregenant yet and the Angel has just visited her days before).  This part of the story never stood out to me at all until I watched this movie.  Eliuzabeth is MUCH older than Mary, and everyone thought way past child bearing years.  But she was pregenant just like Gabriel told Mary she would be (with John the baptist).  This isn't actually the picture of my favorite scene but I couldn't find the photo.  The lines that really get to me when they see each other are all Elizabeth's and they go like this "Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?!" "Blessed is she who hears the words of the Lord and believes" (it may have gone "Blessed is she who believes the Lord's words")  Elizabeth knows and believes.  It was just touching. And it's true believe the Lord, trust the Lord.  Things I needed to be reminded of.


Now this video is my favorite dipiction of God (not Jesus, God).  This is a scene from The Prince Of Egypt yes it is a cartoon but it's GREAT.  This is Moses and the burning bush, I love the way the cartoon is drawn, and also love the way they did God's voice it was perfect!  Watch and enjoy I know I always do!

So the picture below is of the two movies that came out like this The Prince of Egypt and Joseph the king of dreams. AWESOME movies!  Really well done versions of these bible stories.  I highly reccomend watching them! And the soundtrack to the Prince of Egypt is so moving!
I hope you have a blessed weekend.  I hope you let the Lord speak to you, work through you, and be there for you like he is no matter what you are where you are or who you are.  He's there waiting for you to love and accept him like he already has done with you, even if you don't know it.

God Bless You

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