Friday, October 28, 2011

My Baby Brothers

Are wonderful, they love me, they love my husband, we have so much fun singing Christmas songs (year round), watching classic cartoons, making cookies, all that fun stuff.  They've always been the cutest things ever, and even surpass my husband as the most important human beings in my life.  I would do anything for them.  Michael and Matthew, my babies.  They're also autistic.  Matthew can't speak, he's a 3 year old trapped in a 17 year old's body.  And Michael is a 10 year old trapped in a 16 year old's body.  Both are on totally different ends of the spectrum.  But that's ok.  They're my little brothers and they were both in a play today...

And they were WONDERFUL

 Matthew held us one of the intro signs, he got a little shy after a minute tho LOL

and Michael was one of the stars of the play

The play was written by the special ed. students, they brought all the props, they made the sets, and did an amazing job!  They were all wonderful, nothing like walking into a special needs class room and realizing you're in the presence of God's miracles...God's Angels, gifts to all of us who need a reminder of his goodness and what child-like innocence and faith and trust is.

Nothing like being silly with your two favorite people, with two of your biggest and best blessings!

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