Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Photo Shoot & Me seeing the good

They are finally here!  The pictures from our wonderful, fabulous photo shoot with the amazing Shannon Dally!!!  These pictures were to replace the wedding pictures we never got and I am SO happy with how they turned out!  I feel very bad for you here neither of us had ever had professional pictures taken and I'm sure it took some hard work on her part to get them to look so good lol!  I got some stressful news today not horrible but not great but today I'd really like to focus on the good today so here is the good!  These wonderful, lovely pictures!  These beautiful reminders of the great times my husband Stephen and I have when we're together! 

So here is me focusing on the Good on this obnoxious Wednesday

We took this photo because it's in my grandpa's shop and he meant the world to me! RIP Grandpa!

Nothing like getting eaten by my baby LOL he's such a goof ball

I'm actually not super fond of my giant arm in this one but i LOVEEE his kisses and he looks so handsome in his uniform!

My Favorite
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