Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Babies!!!!!

So my grandmother is a red head, not a pumpkin-orange red more a dark Maureen O'Hara type red. As a result all the men in my family have red facial hair or a red tinge to their hair. I have red highlights also almost an auburn in my black hair, very weird but I'll take it. Red hair is all over my family mom and dads. But I never thought I'd have a chance of having a red headed baby...until I married my husband and saw him on leave, when he'd let his hair grow out and he had more hair than his normal buzz cut...and found out OH MY GOODNESS HIS HEAD LOOKS LIKE A FUZZY PUMPKIN!!!! That's right. A FUZZY pumpkin. Come to find out his entire family is red headed (with a couple blondes and one brunette sprinkled in for good measure I suppose). I am SO happy! There's something about little red headed boys with freckles and mischief in there eyes that just makes my heart MELT and a huge smile spread across my face...I just fall in love! There's a reason I'm so fond of my husband he's a big 'ol red-headed baby boy lol! ;) Anyway when I have a son and if he's a red head his name will be 'Rowen' it's Gaelic and means 'Little Red head' (don't ask me how I know that). So I got a photo today of my Great-Niece and My Great-Nephew! Dakota and Bobby <3 :) my babies! Well two of Auntie Marie's babies anyway LOL! I love being an aunt and a great aunt it's wonderful and another reason I'm so blessed to have married my husband, since becoming his Mrs. I now have 15 nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews! Back to the photo sorry :) so this is their fall photo! Bobby and Dakota are brother and sister and I love them so much! I haven't been able to meet Dakota yet but I fell in love with bobby the first time I saw him and he called me auntie marie and sat on my lap lol...just looking at these little red heads, my little pumpkin heads makes me SO excited for my little redheaded babies! Happy Halloween everyone <3

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