Saturday, September 3, 2011

It Can't Rain All The Time, True Love, and The Crow

First of all

RIP Brandon Lee

My husband and I are HUGE fans of classic AKA poorly filmed/cheap 90's and 80's movies...the crappier the better LOL and our favorite...the best movie my husband has ever forced me to watch...

The Crow

The Crow has been a graphic novel (several if I'm not mistaken)
A Movie (actually 4 but I really only consider the first one The Crow)
A TV Series (I've heard its actually quite good its going to be our christmas present to each other this year)
and Also an umbrella (we have it says it can't rain all the time)
We also have the soundtrack
and we had two shirts but they were lost in Afghanistan </3 :(

This is the link to the wikipedia article on it...I suggest you read it :)

Most people consider this some cheap halloween movie.  Or a depressing movie...THEY ARE SO FREAKING WRONG.  To me this is the most beautiful love story of all time, the passion, and how deep Eric Draven's love goes for Shelly is amazing and there are so many poigiant songs and quotes from this movie ... my favorite would have to be 'It can't Rain All The Time' there is sarcasm in this movie, some creepy stuff, intrigue, comedy, romance, its the perfect movie in my oppinion.  The movie takes place on devils night (the nigth before halloween) and I whined and WHINEEEEEED about NOT wanting to watch this movie until finally I gave in and it just so happened we ended up watching it on Devils Night.  I was sucked in the first 5seconds and I've been a goner ever since :) its beautiful, its our movie and I am so glad ♥

And yes that is Stephen and I in the upper right hand corner :)

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