Sunday, August 7, 2011

William Butler Yeats (RIP, 1865-1939)

I highly recommend playing this while you read

♥ William Butler Yeats ♥

A Super Awesome Picture of Ireland I Found!

He's an amazing poet and writer, definitely one of my favorites if not my favorite.  He hailed from The County Dublin in of the reasons he may be my favorite, the Irish people are so artistic, and passionate about everything they do.  I definitely think it shows in his work, this is a poem I just stumbled upon while reading some of his stuff online.  It makes me think of my husband and I, his nickname was actually Shadow lol, so that popped out to me.  I also just love how I personally when reading this can feel all the emotions that run through this beautiful poem.  Especially at the end when it talks about her resting on his chest, makes me think of those quiet beautiful moments with my husband that always seem to few and far between where I just rest my head on him and he relaxes and calms me down like I never thought I could be.  He is also constantly on me to calm down, and not be so stressed he says I can't help anyone or myself if I'm so wired all the time (I have a nasty habit of putting people and things before taking care of myself) So I hope you enjoy this poem and the couple of pictures that I posted along with a video from another Irish themed favorite of mine lol (The BoonDock Saints 2 this is the intro entitled 'Ireland' beautiful tune its very beautiful and calming to me)

He Bids His Beloved Be At Peace

I HEAR the Shadowy Horses, their long manes a-shake,
Their hoofs heavy with tumult, their eyes glimmering white;
The North unfolds above them clinging, creeping night,
The East her hidden joy before the morning break,
The West weeps in pale dew and sighs passing away,
The South is pouring down roses of crimson fire:
O vanity of Sleep, Hope, Dream, endless Desire,
The Horses of Disaster plunge in the heavy clay:
Beloved, let your eyes half close, and your heart beat
Over my heart, and your hair fall over my breast,
Drowning love's lonely hour in deep twilight of rest,
And hiding their tossing manes and their tumultuous feet.

This is one of my favorite pics of my Husband and I, it was in San Francisco I really Love it!
I Love My Husband, My Best Friend,
My Shadow

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