Sunday, August 28, 2011

♥ Sunday ♥

So today is sunday August 28th 2011

Feelings, Thoughts, Emotions
so far its been a very emotional day.  My feelings and emotions are all over the place and my mind is following.  I'm feeling very numb, well I felt more so earlier and I'm forcing myself to stay apart of the real falling apart for me this time.  I feel like there's a decision to be made but I'm pretty sure its just that time of the month speaking to me ugh!  But I feel like something needs to change... and I'm thinking maybe its me...if you want something to change, and your praying to God for it to change, and the other person to change nothing is going to happen you are beating your head against a rock.  When you think someone needs to change so things will get better for you both, that usually means you need to look at yourself and see what you need/can change about yourself.  Change yourself, change your outlook, and that changes your situation.  So thats my new thing♥

 SO I got up and went to church today, I have a hard time following the sermon as always, night church is much better for me.  But I still like to go on Sundays to.  And next week I'm going to Sunday School to I'm nervous I don't know how many people are there on Sunday mornings and I'm going with my mom ahhhhh :O lol.  We're going at 9am well we have to be there at 9 for a meeting about the women's retreat which is the second weekend in September and I'm super excited and nervous :) glad I'm going to be off my period at least since i started today YAY!!!  And then we're just going to go to Sunday School since it's at 9:30 and Church starts right after at 10:30, then that night I'm going to go to church with Daddy at 6pm and hopefully get there early again so we can visit!  It's going to be a day full of family, the Lord, and my church family which is really nice I want to get more involved in the Lord and in church.  Those are the kind of people I need to be around!  Oh and they asked me to be on the church committee for the Church's Website I'm SO nervous and excited for that as well I feel honored and really hope I can bring some good ideas and help to the whole thing.  Also going to start getting ready for the True Story Of Christmas soon and want to go to a meeting w/Grandma and Kathi about it I have ALOT of ideas for advertisment :)  Also writing in my prayer Journal ALOT had a great Streams in The Desert Morning, and LOVE my new bible tool app its wonderful!  OH and having an amazing tear filled, heart wrenching, sobbing prayer with the Lord this morning and coming away feeling better than ok and like a new person doesn't hurt anything either♥

Status Update
I've decided I'm only updating my blog and I will update my facebook/skype/yahoo status ONCE a day and it will revolve around the Lord.  If i feel like posting something stupid or random I'm just going to write it in my journal or post here♥

Cleaning, Repairing, Organizing, &Restoring The Mess That Is Me
So today I was struck with one thought; MUST CLEAN!  So I'm cleaning my little place Ft. Lester from TOP TO BOTTOM, dusting, mopping, cobwebs, any and all bugs will be vacating the premisis ASAP lol, the sheets are in the washer, the pillows have been fluffed and shaken out and aired a bit, my comforter will be taken to the Laundromat on friday for a much needed washing.  I'm going to untangle the MESS of cords around my computer and wall, then removing EVERYthing from the desk and dusting! Then organizing it all again and putting it back, then going to move the coffee table and chair and try not to cry while I clean under it LOL.  Then not this coming up weekend but the one after my dad is going to FINALLY make drawers for me (I get to help...this will deff be a blog! YAY!) so I can finally keep clothes Out Here! And then the loft will be cleaned a pretty white board attached under it and carpet stapled to the top (another blog).  And then when it start to cool off around Oct. or Nov. I get more wall and an ACTUAL DOOR ... with a lock! lol when the AC is taken out :) really excited about finally fixing some stuff up around here!  I figure any good change needs a good clean place to start, so I'm fixing up my area and making it workable, organized, clean, and even more comfortable than before♥

Happy Sunday All

- Love, Marie♥

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