Friday, August 26, 2011


Sometimes your heart just breaks thats all
Sometimes, you eat cookie dough right out of the tube.
Sometimes you rent sad, western movies because of one word in the title that speaks to you
Sometimes at 3am the best thing in the world happens...and then at about 5am the worst
Sometimes you get writers block
Sometimes you are to nervous and scared to accomplish anything
sometimes you let your fear control your life
Sometimes you realize how utterly and completely alone you are sitting in a dark cool room
Sometimes a sudden noise from a computer, or phone makes you jump so fast and your heart expand so much with pure and utter excitment that when you realize its not what you want it just doesn't register for a while
Sometimes all of the bad brings you closer to God
sometimes all the good does is spoil you, makes you think life is unfair
sometimes you mess up and let jealousy and envy control creep into your mind, heart, and soul
Sometimes helping people, and being there for others, when you have all these 'friends' sometimes that makes you the lonliest person you've ever seen.
sometimes knowing there's something better out there doesn't make you hope it makes you sick because you know you don't have it
Sometimes at night when its very dark and very quiet its safe to cry outloud in your bed on your pillow
sometimes thats the best way to fall asleep
Sometimes you realize you can't control any of it, and you need to stop trying or you're never going to get anywhere
sometimes you're just so tired and feeling so lost and alone.
Sometimes you want God to pick you up and hold you like a father hold his child and you just want to beg him to never let you go but you know you don't have to beg...he never will.
Sometimes something happens to remind you that God allows difficult times to come to you for a reason. His reasons. And those are more than good enough.
Sometimes you just need to let go and say;
 'Ok Lord...I'm listening, I'm letting go, I'm giving it to you...please take it from me'
Sometimes when you finally feel peace, you just feel so sleepy.

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