Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing Phone Calls

Missing Phone Calls
Missing a phone call from my husband, my best friend, my soldier, the other half of me? Yeah.  That sucks, especially if its for something stupid like the phone was inside and I was outside and couldn't hear it.  Because then I'm mentally kicking myself in the pants because I could have answered it if I'd been smart enough to bring the phone with me!  I'm pretty sure this is left over used to be so bad that whenever the phone rang I would actually throw-up my anxiety over the phone was so bad.  And I think that is part of the reason I'm enjoying not having a cell phone for a while.  I missed a call from my husband today :( we'd talked earlier and then we fell asleep on the phone and he rolled over on it lol so I hung up because I figured he'd stay asleep (I don't know how that man can nap and then go back to sleep a couple hours later no problem).  But he didn't he woke up and I missed it, THE ONE TIME I DON'T HAVE THE PHONE WITH ME!!!!! ARGGHGHGHGHGHGH!
I'm done sharing my frustration about missing phone calls...for now.

Please enjoy this adorable picture of my babylove on the phone with me while we were on skype :D because I'm deaf and cannot hear him when we're on skype so we just use it to look at each other lol!

Personally I think he looks like a Jacked up Pirate in this particular photo...but that's why I Lovins him sooo much (Lovins is a personal joke between the two of us it actually goes along with Fluffins but I like you guys *to all my fictional readers/fans/adoring public* so I'm not going to tell you about that)

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