Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little poem I wrote :)

My Husband took me from California, To Arkansas to live
And all I could think was ‘Is this something I’ll ever be able to forgive?'
I mean;
He took away my starbucks
And made me drink sweet tea
He won’t let me wear flip-flops
And says he does it cuz he loves me
He makes me get up early
And keeps me up real late
He says he don’t want me working or listenin to rap
Country is what we listen to, I better get used to that
He’s always talking slow and low until I make him mad
And then He tells me ‘woman I won’t take none of this and I sure as heck aint takin none of that’
He wants me in the kitchen when he gets home from work
He wants that house clean as can be without a speck of dirt
And just when I think I’m a Yankee girl what am I doing here?! He comes up behind and gives me a big ol’ wet kiss and says you don’t think this is bliss?
I start to tell him I miss California I don’t belong here!
So you’re don’t fit in hunh? He said
No I don’t and I won’t not even when I’m dead! I said
He started to speak when we both heard the phone
I answered it quickly and the first thing I said was “Well hey there! How have ya’ll been?”
My mouth fell open as I heard him start to laugh he gently took the phone and said “She’ll have to call ya’ll right back”
He held my hand and walked me to the living room plopped right down in his big ‘ol chair then sat me on his lap, and he said with a smile now honey I don’t know nobody from California that talks like that
And all I could think was
 ‘Lord help me I just realized how much I love this man’

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