Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wonder Woman!!!

I was having a kind of down day, when it turned around, and then to make it even better I got a bright yellow envelope in the mail with Marie Lester (AKA Wonder Woman) on the front of it and low and behold it was from my lovely friend Miss Sarah M. Jones!  I met her about a year ago, and I'm SO glad we've only met twice but I consider her one of my best friends!  I like our friendship, its a good one for sure!  We can vent, and then we encourage each other till we're both feeling better!

So that's pretty much it :) I just wanted to show how happy I was and how awesome it is to have a friend like this!  We're also care people LOL we send cards more than we see each other!


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Anonymous said...

you sent those cd's for me and no one had ever done anything like that before so you're awesome! :D

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