Friday, July 22, 2011

Shadows part1

(if you're going to read this please play the song/video at the bottom and THEN begin reading)

It was dark, the kind of dark that runs deeper than what time of night it is...the kind of dark that reaches deep into your soul deeper than anything has ever been.. reaching into the very core of what and who you are, the kind of deep dark that is as much mental, and spiritual, as it is real and physical a dark that is thick, so tangible you can taste it.  And in some unknown, unremarkable alley in A huge nameless city crouched a woman...or a girl depending on the light...caught in that place where even her body wasn't sure if she was woman or girl as if it almost hadn't decided yet what to be, whatever she was she was dirty, and cold, hardly a rare occurrence in the huge bustling metropolis the only thing that would be of any recognition was her eyes...and even then in this dark one would have to be directly in front of her to see a dark that paralleled the black starless night sky and even the people that got close enough tended to look directly down and hurry away not knowing what was so unnerving about the eyes the pain that radiated from them, the quiet and somehow horrific acceptance of the life that was hers to live, the burdens that were hers to bare the sense that she could see you, who you really were who you hid from everyone else even yourself, well whatever they saw it scared them and people wherever and whoever they are do not like to be scared so it was her own curse, her own hell these dark eyes, these beautifully haunting dark eyes.  Nobody saw past them, past the dirt, the pain, the raw ache that seeped through every pore in her malnourished body. The stench of death, the aura of knowledge of things to come that could not be comprehended, the feeling of knowing in one so young..or was it one so old?  The sense that this woman-child knew what it was to be truly alone, to live in the nightmares of others, to live in the shadows and not be able to escape.  And soon enough she would become apart of the very darkness itself, apart of the shadows that haunted the very people who already feared her, the ones that made her the way she was, who she was, the ones that took it all from her.  Her name would soon be lost to even her, it already been forgotten by those who knew her she was changing into something else...that person, that name was a memory the only one she still feebly clung to.  The name that somewhere in another city, in a far better place that she had never seen or heard of, a young man would wake up in a cold sweat screaming...

and somewhere she would look up and hear, and feel something that she hadn's in what seemed and very well could have been forever.

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Jormarie Elaine Holsapple said...

I like and I actually like that movie sucker punch. I thought it was good. I love movies.

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