Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ups & Downs of today

So, I like to be pretty honest especially with myself ya know?  So here is the up and here is the down.

  1. He was stuck in Paris for a day went to see some stuff, spent money we didn't have because he wasn't paying attention=Huge headache for me and worry and stress (usually)
  2. He got back called we talked for a bit he had  to go do some stuff said he'd call me in a bit
  3. A bit turned into 5 hours and then he says he joined a long boarding group (you may not see the bad hey he's in a group its better than drinking right?  Well in most cases yes but you see he's almost 25 years old...he is getting older...he cannot do the things he did when he was 17 AKA skating and long boarding he falls and bruises and tears things and hurts himself!)
  4. I looked in the group that he joined (it wasn't private so not technically creeping! lol) and they (not my hubby he wouldn't do that but his friends) were talking about these girls that were checking them out and walked be like ten time how they liked what they saw, etc. and here lies a problem WITHIN MYSELF (see I'm honest I know its me) it makes me so uncomfortable to think about some female near my husband or checking him out or flirting which it shouldn't because guys do the same with me..I just can't seem to wrap my head around it :/ so that set me on edge (keep in mind he still hasn't called)
  5. Then he calls, very late after he told me on IM he'd call me in a minute (3 more hours later) and tells me how awesome boarding was and he only almost got hit by a car once!!! ...oh joy
  6. So obviously I'm having a hard time letting go that things are back to normal and he's going to be out doing things, and spending time with people and I don't get to be the soul sucker that I want ;)
  7. I am also having a hardtime with the green eyed monster (am I the only one? I know he does...do any of you?)

  1. He's aware of the money situation, it could be worse, and he knows and accepts the next couple of pay-days are going to be tight (and it wasn't my fault!)
  2. He got back to Germany safe and sound!
  3. He had a good day and he didn't sit inside and drink all day and night
  4. He wished he was with me the whole time he was in Paris :)
  5. He called twice (just like he said it just took him a VERY long time)
  6. He was very sweet when he called both times ♥
  7. Because he's getting involved with other stuff so can I
  8. when we do talk its going to be better because we aren't going to be talking all the time
  9. I rode my bike today and it felt great :)
  10. things are comming together nicely
  11. we aren't fighting
  12. He's going to start going to the gym and everyday he goes I'm going to go lol
  13. I wrote in my journal AGAIN (alot to!)
  14. And have kept up with my devotions
  15. I'm not freaking about not having a phone :)

Ok so that felt good lol and if any of you are judging calling me a psycho jealous wife...yeah I am don't worry I know but I match his jealous step for step lol we're just a very possesive couple and while I'm glad we can keep it all in check for each other, I'm also glad he care when someone hits on me and I know he feels all special when I shoot some girl a nasty look for checking him out lol

He's Mine and I'm His

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