Monday, June 6, 2011

Today, right this moment hunh?

SO i had this HUGE blog written out about my frustrations with stephen comming home, me being so sick, not finding a photographer, family offering to help with stuff, how messy everything in my life is, how miserable i am pretty much EVERYTHING and the fucking thing deletes itself because my internet sucks balls. So now I am even more pissy and miserable and stressed and am coughing ridiculously now. all i have to say is I am not going to be changing me and my life right this moment...but i will hopefully be able to mentally prepare myself to change it tomorrow. Fml..pray for me pls <3 Love a really pissy, bitter, sick Marie

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SarahMarie said...

ohhh poor marie :( fb me what's up and vent girlie... or call me like right now (lol I have a signal for once) xo hang in there. love you oodles girlie...

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