Monday, June 13, 2011

SO updateees? yes i think so...♥

Haven't blogged in a while!!!!! omg Missed it LOL and all those imaginary readers ;)
Quick & To The Point Updates on My, Myself, and I!

  • Went to the Doctor, get Meds...feel almost 100% again :)
  • Rediscovered running (YAY!)
  • Got so insanely sunburnt I fucking LOVE it im so weird haha
  • Got a bunch of new clothes and heels i can walk in!!
  • Figured out our leave FINALLY, no Arkansas this year just staying in good 'ol CA <3 ..YAY
  • Been reading my devotions everyday just feels so GOOD
  • been eating RIGHT feeling amazing also!
  • Got Ft.Lester under control thanks to my mama :) (just have a lil straightening to do and im good)
  • Got the Hero's Honey stuff about done!
  • lost my day planner, BUT just making a few lists is working out fineeee
  • getting along damn good w/the hubby for a few days in a row lmfao BLESSING!
  • Found a photographer in our area I AM SO EXCITED!!!!
  • He agreed to wear his uniform cuz im wearing a dress he picked w/heel he loves ♥
  • Also got my hair dyed
  • got my eyebrows plucked
  • getting my car fixed thursday
  • buying a pool next week yay summer!
  • Cell phone is officially off for a MONTH omg and im not having a heart attack im actually doing ok (Thank you Dear Lord ♥ ..)
  • Getting along w/My mama prettttty awesomeeely as well
  • Planning on getting a pedi on Wends.
  • Also going for a quick shopping trip Thurs. w/Gma and Mom :)
  • Thursday night having a girly coffee/Dinner date w/My Bestie Lauren f***ing Love it

Small request that anyone reading this pray for me to get my fat butt up the next 3days and run like I need to so I feel reallllly awesome when he gets here LOL and that even if things dont keep going smoothly I remember there is a reason and it will all work out in the end LOL

♥ A couple Pics of my Happy Past few days ♥

Just really love that Stephen's gotten my comfy enough with myself to wear a freaking bikini LOL i deff DO NOT have the Bod for it but he loves it / can't get enough and I kinda like it to :) I probably won't be wearing it to a beach anytime soon but i still love it LOL and im all about bringing hot pink back..don't worry I'll be bringing sexxxy back when im done w/Hot Pink

idk I was just hella happy when I took this so i can't but have a huge smileee on when i see it, so yes..thats why its here LOL

Mmmmmmm! Lol Been watchin my babeee on Skype lately ALL the time with all this getting along lol I've really come to appreciate having internet at my house FINALLY and a webcam..Love seeing his face Can't wait to actually be FACE 2 FACE LOL!

This Right here is my friend Felicia Sarah Rose Lanza LOL we met on the first day of Kindergarten 1996...been friends ever since it turned out we rode the same bus and she lived down the street...♥

Bitches Chillin @ The Lake :) We had some fun lol it was the first warm&windy day in a while it was super nice and I haven't seen them in SO long!

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SarahMarie said...

Love the blog changes, is this a blogspot background or is it your own? Also love the pics. :D

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