Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm his sugar baby, he's my sweet iced tea ♥

"Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast..."

So My husband is here finally!  We picked him up in San Francisco on June 17th his flight was 2hours late but thats ok, I wore heels I've never worn before but I only slipped once and thats just cuz I'm stupid and put lotion on my feet! LOL I was in a really pretty dress, lots of flowers, very 90's hah! My hair was curly, I was super tan I felt and looked amazing :) he came out in his uniform, we hugged, we kissed, never felt so happy! We have like no money right now and we don't care :) we're having the time of our lives it feels like talking about the future enjoying the family and the summer time, I don't know what to say really I'm just so freaking happy having him snoring in bed while i type! It's been so amazing having my cell phone completely off I love it! He's happier and I'm happier I only get on fb or here while he's asleep and I'm bored lol anyway! here are some pictures, I was bored playing on photobucket! Enjoy...♥

This is pretty much our summer song :)

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