Sunday, June 26, 2011

"These Last Few Days"

"These Last Few Days"

This Weekend June 25th and 26th

To start off I really wish we hadn't been lazy and we'd gotten up and gone to church today.  For everything God has done for us you'd think we'd be able to manage waking up early one day out of the week and sitting and listening to the pastor for a few hours.  But next week we're going, and this week I'm going to keep up my devotions and pull Stephen along with me ;)

♥A Random Note; My husband makes me see things that I'd normally ignore or look I'm moving to fast and don't have time...because of him I see things just like it says in this song♥

Anyway so this week I have no cell phone to speak of, we haven't really been hanging out with anyone.  We have like no money...and I'm so happy and so content it doesn't matter!  It's been an amazing week, having my husband here, the sunny weather, my family, everyone getting along (with the exception of a handful of fights between the hubby and I ;) right now he's actually sleeping, while the movie Summer Magic is playing (its an awesome movie and a great one to fall asleep to!) I can hear him snoring all the way across the room :) LOL we've been cooking, and BBQing all week!  Swimming in the pool, sitting on the front porch, hanging out with my parents and grandparents, watching movies, and sleeping in and napping!  I'm not usually this relaxed and usually have to be constantly DOING something so it's unusual for me and I love it!  Tonight for dinner, Stephen and I made some marinade for these HUGE steaks we got, I made a Salad while he BBQed, My mom made some corn on the cob, I also made a peantubutter and chocolatte cheescake!  It was delicous we're all SO stuffed and before and after dinner we all sat outside in the rocking chairs, and swing and talked.  Stephen watched a movie w/Michael (Earnest goes to jail) while I came out and relaxed and played on facebook a bit...we even saw a few fireworks last night!  So now he's asleep and I'm going to blog (I'm probably going to write a few haha) and then clean up the room a bit...its so nice and cozy, I just want to thank God for this wonderful life, and giving me the strength to hold on to my husband and everything we have together even when I felt like I couldn't hold on any longer we got me through it all♥

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