Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Controversial Republican Oppinions ;)

Terrorism and Gangs in OUR country
My husband is in the army, the United States army, the military…HOOAH and all that it applies.  His job is to fight terrorism, terrorists, etc.  They’re taught that terrorism and terrorists can also be gangs and kind of gang activity and they’re right.  My husband and I had this conversation last night while driving we are not accomplishing what we want to in Afghanistan.  Iraq I will totally admit we did something Afghanistan all that’s happening is we’re losing thousands of young men.  We need to fix the issues in our country instead of looking for problems elsewhere.  Gang activity in the United States is at its highest.  On the one hand these kids that they recruit are poor, sometimes homeless, no families, or need protection...these gangs can offer them all of that and more...what the kids don’t understand is that it comes at a price...but like I said to them it seems that these gangs are offering them more than they’d get out of life without them!  So who can really blame them?  It’s just so sad.  That is a huge problem in our country, we’re in debt God knows how much, there are so many issues and problems…the bottom line is OUR country needs OUR attention and OUR help but we’re busy helping countries that don’t even want us there.  Baghdad tried to say we OWE THEM money for all the destruction, they don’t want us there.  It’s like trying to help out a friend with a drug habit.  You can’t help them before they’re ready and they’re asking for help.  Another thing they want to start drug testing people who are on welfare, get food stamps, etc. GOOD I am in full favor of that! 
1) it will show the government doesn’t support drug addicts.
2) it makes total and complete sense! If you had a job you would be getting drug tested they’re GIVING you food and money and whatever else so you have no right to get bitchy about being drug tested.
  I get so mad at all these teenagers I hear that get on food stamps and only use the food stamps so they can have FREAKING BBQ’s!!!!!!! That is WRONG and is total misuse of that system.  They need to start cracking down.  As odd as this may sound if you spare the rod you spoil the child…I think the people of the United States are getting a little spoiled…a little big for our britches.
Also...what happened to Corporal Punishment? Because it SO was NOT a bad thing!...Just saying.

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