Monday, June 27, 2011

Grump/BLAH Rant


Here's some of my reasons why

  1. It's ridiculous, we keep staying up SUPER late and sleeping in hella late.  I hate that I'm never down for it ugh. 
  2.  I'm near that time of the month >.<
  3. we've got so much stuff we've still wanted to while he's here,
  4. gotta figure out bills,
  5. clean up ft.Lester,
  6. figure out meals w/My mom (we are bound to fight),
  7.  and I want/need to go workout BADLY.
  8. I'm just edgy and emotional
  9. I just want him to be out and us have a home somewhere (but thats another blog for later today)
  10. my back hurts ughghghggh (probably from not exercising and sitting in this chair)


That was me getting a huge growl out in an attempt to make myself feel better.

ok I needed to rant I think I'm good now

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