Monday, June 6, 2011

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So yes I am super ready for it to be summer time now, right now I have a fever and am sick and its raining and I’m slightly miserable.  Today laying in bed feeling sick and sorry for myself I started to hyperventilate thinking about all the stuff I have going on and that I could/perhaps should be stressing out about 12 days before my husband gets here I should be running 8miles every day, tanning, and idk bleaching my teeth or something.  Lol, worrying about money, the car, my clothes that still haven’t arrived from germany, bills, his drivers license, the list literally goes on and on and on.  Now I am not sure if I’m just getting lazy, my faith is getting stronger so when things get thrown at me I just accept them for what they are, or if I still have the remenants of my husban’s influence on me from my last trip to see him when I can honestly say I have never been so relaxed and stress free in my entire life.  I’d like to think it’s my faith and my husbands influence.  But I just don’t want to stress tonight, I don’t want to freak out lol maybe I’m starting to become more confidenta and comfortable in my skin and my choices and my ability to handle things?  Or maybe I’m just reeeally tired and sore lol.  Either way my attitude today has just been tomorrow is Monday, the new start to the new week, whatever needs to be handled can wait, and it will get handled.  It’s no big deal, I really want and need to enjoy this vacation with my husband and not be a psychotic worry wart that’s going to be freaking out and making lists the entire time soooo I better start practicing to be calm, relaxed, and reletively normal now ;) all I can think about is enjoying the summer sun and snuggles with my hubby and I cannot wait, I really want to this leave to be great, I want us to pretty much get/have;
  1.  us to have an amazing road trip
  2.  a great time in Arkansas
  3. A fun 4th of July
  4. A good time at Brickfest (dear God give me strength)
  5.  get some proffesional pictures taken
  6. get an awesome tan ;) that’s all me lol
  7. bond with our families
  8.  and just enjoy each other and not worry about money, the future, or anyone else!
*Small edit* lol so today is Monday now as I wasn't able to post this last night and it really sucks because I like to have a cup of coffee, read my devotions, have breakfast, then get to work on all my stuff that needs to get done but this morning I was so darn tired! but theres still stuff that needs to get done so wish me luck and pray for me that I can drop my all or nothing, everything most go according to plan attitude for today!

Going to try and keep that quote in mind today, hope it works!

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