Thursday, June 2, 2011

Give It All

So lately some people have been asking me "how long are you going to put up with this crap? with this shit going on in your marriage?!", "Marie this is ridiculous when is enough going to be enough"..and guess what bitches...ITS NEVER GONNA BE TO MUCH FOR ME TO TAKE I WILL NEVER HAVE A LIMIT TO THE CRAP I WILL you know why?! No not because I love him that has nothing at all to do with's because we don't believe in divorce, because when you get married that's IT you're married (well for us anyway not knocking anyone Else's choices or lifestyles) its commitment.  We made that commitment we're in it no matter what, if he goes freaking crazy or i get even fatter ;) I refuse to give up when things get hard, rough, or just not fun anymore, if maybe we aren't in a honey moon phase Oh freaking well.  I'm here for every phase, attitude problem, drunk night, ever single Ninja dvd, skateboard fall, and all that dandruff, I am also here for every kiss, every hug, all those amazing 'I love you's' and all those tickles, and all those pressure points (only u get that babe)! And that poor man is here for every pre-menstrual freak out, every other obnoxiously clingy day, all those horrible attitudes i can have, and he's also here for my kisses, and the home cooked meals, they never ending patience, and the total love and adoration only I can provide.  Sometimes he doesn't act the way I want and the way I think I need but its vice versa, and you know what Marriage isn't about him or I fulfilling the others every need.  To me marriage is about Giving it all and not being concerned with if you get it all back or not.  So Stephen Michael Lester this is for you I want you to know that I'm gonna
Give It All
 I Love You No Matter What and we're going to get through anything and everything
 (through the Grace of God lol)

This is one of my favorite songs from high school it goes w/this post and my mood today (its a lil punk rock lol)

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