Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear God, I Know that...

Dear God, I know that... know that right now I'm just Feeling like everything around me and in my life is just falling apart and I'm completely alone..i know that just means I'm near a religious breakthrough for myself and that I need you Lord more than ever, I'm feeling alone because I'm trying to lean on other people and not you in my time of need and worry.  i Need to realize that I am Not alone I'm never alone because you're always w/me when I'm at my weakest and most desperate when i feel completely and utterly and totally alone you are right there beside me all i have to do is look up from my own little world and see you there with your arms spread wide for me waiting to comfort and help me through all of this, you do not throw more at me then I can handle, you know exactly how much I can take you test me for a reason because every time I feel that I'm going to break and I don't break in the end (like you knew I wouldn't) I become a little bit stronger. I'm just hoping I grow from these trying experiences and help me to know that no matter what in the end I'm going to come out exactly how you want me to.  I know I am going through all of this for a purpose your purpose I know that I was brought into these people's lives for a reason and they were brought into mine, nothing is an accident and nothing is 'fate' but EVERYTHING is your will God help me to remember that you have a plan for me.  Help me to be strong and help me to hold on while I stumble through this time in my me to remember that I don't need to stumble blindly along on my own or grasp at other people to help me through but only look to you and it won't be dark anymore  I need to follow the light of your word and reach for you God and everything will turn out how it should.
Thank you for putting me in these situations so that I may strengthen myself, and my relationships with them. Thank you for this opportunity to grow in you God please help them to grow as well, through this all help me to remember that I am an example to them and to others of what you can do, of what can happen when you believe, what can happen when you're saved.
In Jesus' name I Pray Amen

This is one of my favorite songs that always seems to rejuvenate me and remind of his love when I'm really getting down

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