Thursday, May 19, 2011

WELL BEHAVED CHILDREN?!?! In 2011?! Weeeird!

So I love kids, I always have.  Worked at headstart for two years in high school, teach the pre-school class at church, help out w/the bigger kids when needed, i have a herd of small cousins so I love kids, im good with them. But kids now adays are HORRIBLE. SPOILED ROTTEN BRATS. NO MANNERS. Its ridiculous its made me question if people even know how to be good parents anymore because obviously something is going wrong here I don't know if its people being lazy, a simple case of spare the rod and spoil the child? I have no clue I'm not a parent I cannot begin to understand or comprehend what it takes to be a parent BUT i do know that kids were not always like this. So just as I was starting to question My (and by 'my' I'm also including my husband) ability to raise polite, well behaved, all around good kids.  And wether or not they even exist anymore!  Laura and Matt Warden come to visit from Idaho and I meet their AMAZING children (yes more than 1...3 in fact!) And each one is polite, well behaved, sweet, and adorable.  These kids are amazing I'm happy to say Matt and Laura and their kids made me re-think the 'theres no good kids left' thing.  Its obvious there are still some parents out there doing things the right way, setting good examples for their kids and making good choices (and helping their children make good choices along the way :) These kids were so sweet! The Baby Eva (she's 1) was just a smiley, sweet, a tiny bit shy at first baby that you cannot help but smile as soon as she looks us at you with that big grin and those bigggg baby blues (which all of the children were blessed with)! And then Emmet (sorry if I spelled that wrong) is just so cute, talking about Army stuff with my husband not shy at all just a regular all american little boy that likes guns, and soldiers and all that good stuff! and Then Ella is just your average every day ordinary Princess the princess from Tangled actually comes to mind :) Ella is deffinitely a beauty (just like her mommy) already! I'm so in love with theri little family anyyyyway I just wanted to say thank you to Laure and Matt for raising (and ya know making) 3 such amazing kids, and making me feel like it is possible to still have good kids :) ( i was losing hope!) LOVE YOU GUYS ♥ and GOD BLESS YOU

This is the beautiful family ( ♥ in order of age ♥ )

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