Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quality over Quantity is RIGHT Quantity over Quality is WRONG ..so wrong

SO Quality over Quantity has been my motto since meeting my best friend when I was 15 years old (she is still my best friend to this day almost 6years later) she rubbed off on me, instilled in me the important of not over doing things and coming off tacky and that applied to EVERYTHING makeup, clothes, jewelry, pretty much anything you can imagine.  And I for the most part have come to agree I would rather have a pair of real UGGS that will (and have) lasted me the last 2years (and deff have another year at least left in them) than buy a few cheap pairs that I'll have to buy again in a few months.  The quote "Buy cheap, buy twice" comes to mind.  But for some reason where I have been able to apply this to almost everything else in my life...I cannot seem to do it on facebook...not just posts, updates, status changes, etc. but with pictures..there is where my addiction/fascination/problem lies..I could try and blame it on my iphone (come on the camera is RIGHT THERE like ALL the time) but even before my phone had a camera in it i carried one around and snapped pics of everything (my friends eventually stopped fighting) I could also try and blame it on the fact that I only see my husband every 6months so its now ingrained in me to take pictures and document everything as my only way to share with him...but that's not it either..honestly I have no freaking clue what it is lol but its been bothering the hell out of me lately so I've finally decided to bite the bullet and delete some pictures of of my facebook.  What I didn't realize was how hard it would be to actually do this (easier said then done I suppose is how it really goes *I think that Rhymed* Lol) SO after like two hours and only 3pics being deleted I decided I need to switch tactics, I'm going to first save ALL (yes ALL God please Help Me) to my computer then delete them of so if i decided i still wanted them up there they will be there in a folder called oops (for no reason at all it just is..how weird) and that comforts me of course tho it is a real bitch right clicking and saving every single one most of my albums have somewhere near the max amount of pics (200) in them and I have like 18 albums ... that is 3,600 pictures...what the heck is wrong with me...do you know how much repetitive clicking that is?!?!?!? WAY TO FREAKING MUCH :( ugh And then I want to weed through all of them and keep only the ones I consider 'Quality' Photos I guess I DON'T actually NEED 84 pictures of Stephen and I taken less then 10seconds apart...but I LIKE having them..its comforting in a very odd way like I need to prove to myself "HEY I have a husband and we smile like ALOT together" lol so that's going to be difficult as well but I feel I will greatly benefit from this..or at least my OCD will feel better..I will take either at this point.  SO hopefully I will remember this my new mantra;
 Quality Over Quantity
Quantity Over Quality


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SarahMarie said...

There is an exception to every rule Marie... don't delete your photo's they are adorable...

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