Thursday, May 19, 2011

A day that went to quickly (Any Military Gal pay attention 2 #6)

okkkkkeyyydokeeey Blog 2 wow (Milestone? i think so) SO today went by super quick and im pretty annoyed. Stephen woke me up super early and i got to fall back asleep to his voice yay :) in our old bed which my back and I missed SOOO much! Then he went and hung with the guys so I was left to my own devices.  So Above is my day in pictures. Here's how it goes;

  1. I read my new Jen Lancaster book for awhile its good but its to much like her other books to me its not really a novel but either way I liked it.
  2. My Lovely Husband w/Budweiser in hand of course drank to much of it (in the middle of the week of course) and decided to dictate what I was wearing and throw a fit about me going out which was slightly adorable lol he sucks budweiser down like its water.  Anyway had to fight with him to 'put him to bed' lol finally got him to sleep and in bed (making sure his alarm was set of course...damn I'm good) so that was done.
  3. I was finally able to get ready (to the husbands specifications of course = The UGGS he got me, his platoon shirt, and the Juicy♥Purse he got me for Valentines day so I pretty much was reppin the hubby lol) yay pretty meeee :D
  4. Was BEAUTIFUL BABY EVA'S 1st Birthday part ♥ ahhhh she's soooo freaking cute! I was sad I only got to stay a little bit but she looked so cute and was sooo sweet! ahh I LaLaLOVE that baby!!
  5. Met The Bestieeee Lauren A. Tancik @ Strings for dinner :)) yay for pics and girly gossip
  6. TOTALLY JEALOUS OF THE NEXT PICTURE OMGGGG If I didn't love them so much I would hate them.  Was meeting Lauren's new bf tonight GianCarlo who is awesome I hate to admit ;) It can be so freaking hard seeing a happy, cute couple when you're all alone and missing your husband its like a knife being shoved into you over and over and over again :)
  7. So heyyyy whats up LONELY Meeeee spent the evening in a constant state of "Stephen.." lol I don't think 5sentences came out of my mouth without his name @ the begining and of course had to rep that platoon tshirt ♥♥♥
  8. Then @ the end of our hangout i had soooo much fun with Lauren and Gian we all had to take a pic and he insisted on two more which deffinitely made me like him more :) lol and I was really glad I went it was nice to get out and it was just a pretty kick ass dinner w/awesome company and no matter how jealous i am that they get to be together im sooo happy my bestfriend has someone so awesome!
  9. And Then LAST BUT NEVER LEAST (AKA THE BEST FOR LAST NUKKAH ;) I got to talk/See my wonderful semi-hungover Husband on skype and it made me soooo freaking happy i love my baby so much and i love being able to feel close to him and watch him get ready for work and I did realize when he isn't around I do feel invisible I'm so glad no matter how far apart we're always in each others ♥'s

So yes that was my day
it was pretty cool
it could've lasted longer lol
but isn't that true for most good things?
I guess in a sense
THAT is the mark
of a Kickass day
freaking sweet

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