Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogging Hunh? (Myspace..Fb..wet uggs )

Well I just spent two no I lied 4 hours of my life making a blog, and playing with pictures on photobucket and facebooking, and God knows what else I was doing on this computer. My back is superrrrr sore and I'm tired..but it was well worth it I actually enjoyed myself ALOT lol way more than I should have so I think I expected my first 'blogging' experience to be super-duper epic it wasn't not at all this is pretty boring to write let alone read I'm sure but I had sooo much fun looking at my pics and playing with them on photobucket and I FINALLY (yeah thats how big of a deal it was it required all CAPS) figured out how to do that collage thing on facebook back when I was (like the rest of my generation) pretty much living on myspace and what my profile looked like LOL I would always look at them on other peoples and be like 'wow I really like that but I don't like those two pics I wish I knew how to do that!" well know I know and its like 2 1/2 years to late but whatever I can still do it and make my poor husband look at it and pretend that he's enjoying it (thats what Marriage is for making the other do something they don't want to do at all and then you get upset when they don't lie about it and tell you how much they actually hate it) yay I can't wait :) and up at the top if you didn't notice the giant picture thats some of my awesome photobucket skills please ooh and ahh appropriately. Random thought but as someone from the Good Myspace era (AKA Before Tom became a Jealous moron *Jealous of FB and its sticky-Rice simplicity*and F***ed it up!) And as someone who met their spouse on Myspace..it reeeally killed me when we deleted ours like we were turning out backs on the very thing that brought us together but it was getting ridiculous the last I saw of myspace was 'Myspace Beta' and that was prettty stupid glad I got out when I did but I think its time to take a moment of silence for the Myspace that once was!

--Insert Moment Of Silence Here --

And that was that.
what an awesomely uneventful blogging experience I feel like I need to have something super witty to say to myself as a conclusion and yet I have nothing except; My uggs are still wet...wtf


krista.nicole said...

Your blog is already so cute! I'm jealous!

Sunshine Powers said...

LOL its cuz i was super bored and had wayyy to much time no my hands :P i lovee ur blog the howd u do the background?

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