Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My husband and the Army

Some people love painting, some people are passionate about cooking, others love teaching, animals, writing, singing, acting, etc.  Not my husband...he is passionate about the Army.  They've had a rocky relationship and up until recently I though it was a pretty bad one.  Stephen and I were both thinking they needed to break up.  That's when he got out in 2012, well a year later and he's really been missing it.  We've been talking a lot and I've realized how much he really does love it and miss it.  He's actually passionate about it and that's when I realized the Army and my husband didn't have a bad relationship they had one with passion...when it was great it was fantastic when it was bad it was the worst.  But underneath it all it's love pure and simple.  So while he isn't rushing back into a committed relationship or anything with the Army by signing up they're definitely talking again.  Right now they're just on a little break.  And from what I can tell maybe in a year or so they'll be back together again.  I was worried at first.  We Just got done with all that we have a baby I want her to be raised around family!  We're pretty settled here, really a million and one reasons came to mind why we shouldn't...but then one really good reason came up why we should.  He loves it.  I want my husband to enjoy his life, I don't want him working a job that makes him miserable.  Most people only dream of being able to do their passion for a living and if he can well I don't want to stand in his way.  But like I said, he still needs his breathing room from the Army.  They aren't ready to get back together yet they still have some issues to work out and Stephen wants to give himself another year to see whats out there.  So maybe someday they'll get back together...we'll see ♥

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