Thursday, April 18, 2013

Family photos...

Are impossible last time Stephen and I got professional photos taken they came out AMAZING but it was also just us and he was making a lot more then.  Now it's just not seeming like we can find it in the budget but sometime within the next month we want to get family photos taken I found a lady who will do it for very cheap but I have my doubts about the quality of the photos we'll get in return will be.  But I think we're going to try it seems on her site they're very hit or miss and but some are very nice.  I'm really hoping it works out I don't want to try to take them myself I get so discouraged anytime I set that tripod up and get in the shot they never come out good (of me anyway) and I'd just love to have some nice looking pictures of the three of us.  Wish me luck in finding a photographer or in just doing it myself...ugh

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