Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saving special cell phone pictures


Do you ever look into your photos on your iphone or android and just think 'holy crap I have So many pictures!' or 'how the heck do I get them off of there?' I'm not going to lie for awhile I was just emailing myself like 5 pictures at a time then downloading them to the computer but that took ya know Forever and then I found this amazing app!  It's called Photo Transfer *the title says it all doesn't it?* and you can send/recieve things from your cell phone, ipad, computer it's so great and so easy!  It's $2.99 in the app store which is more than I'll usually spend on any app but I'm so glad I did this was totally worth it!  Now I don't have to worry about losing or deleting precious pictures I can simply send them to my computer and save them all!  Then  I can even delete them off of my phone to make more room for new memories and special moments!  I highly recommend this app not only is it super cheap but amazingly user-friendly!

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