Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two years

It's been two years today.  Two years since Stephen lost his best friend, his battle buddy, his brother.  PFC Conrado Javier was KIA in Afghanistan in 2010 during their first deployment.  Javi was a sweetheart he was a little quiet and shy at first but when he got used to you or was around his friends he was hilarious and always making jokes.  His favorite thing to say was "That's badass!" you heard it All.The.Time. lol he wasn't only my husband's friend I considered us good friend's as well.  He always helped my husband and I when we would argue or have a misunderstanding he knew how Stephen was being affected by the way and he always took the time to make sure I knew that he loved me and just told me to hang in there for him.  He was a light to everyone he knew.  I was able to attend his funeral in his hometown in CA in January of the following year.  It was by far the hardest funeral I've ever been to.  I was very glad though to speak to his mother and hug her and just be with her for a few moments though we couldn't understand each other very well *she speaks Spanish I speak English* but the language difference didn't matter we didn't need words we just knew and we just held onto each other for awhile and we cried together.  It was beautiful ceremony I think about 500 people were there.  The graveside service was just as moving, I can't hear Taps without crying now.  My husband won't ever forget, he won't ever stop talking about him or thinking about him and I'm glad.  He was an important part of his life much more important than I can understand and sometimes I don't think wives can ever really fathom how important that one friend can be to them during a deployment like they went through.  And that's ok I'm just so glad they had each other as long as they did.  

Please if you're reading this today please send a prayer up for Javi's family this day cannot be an easy one for them no matter how much time has passed.  Thank you.

RIP Javier

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