Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband I'm so glad we have our awesome insurance and that you going down for reserve duty pays for it but I really hate you being gone for 3days it's not that fun for me *or you* and Abby and I miss you every second you're not here, so drive safe and come home soon please&thanks PS-I'm so  excited about you getting Sgt pretty soon and I'm so proud of you!  Dear Army I must say we miss active duty, there are a lot of things we don't miss *like husband being combat or being separated for almost 3years*  but we do miss somethings but I really love the opportunity to pair super girly clothes for our little lady with Daddy's work clothes it's just to cute!  Dear Abigail I love that I'm feeling you move around more and I'm trying to be a good mommy and eat lots of healthy stuff and sleep the right way and do everything I can to give you a great start in this world *so hopefully you'll forgive me for my one cup of coffee a day?*.  Dear CA-EDD Department I really hope we get our unemployment extension, I can no longer stalk your site trying to figure out if we will or not or focus on how much we need it.  Instead I'm giving it to God and putting it in his hands *which is right where it belongs* and I'm not going to worry about it anymore we're just going to wait the 10days and then figure it out from there.  Dear God thank you for blessing me so much, we may not have a house, a nursery, Stephen may not have a job, and we may not have lots of money...but he's safe, we have health insurance, we have a family that is always there, we have a roof over our heads, and we're able to have a child a beautiful and perfect combination of the both of us...not only that but this little girl is coming into the world to more love than she could ever imagine but I know she'll feel every ounce of it.  Thank you so much for blessing us with the important things and keeping us together and strong.  You are truly an amazing and wonderful God.  Dear Dianna not only are you my best friend but you are my mother's and grandmother's closest friend.  My little girl is going to have your name for one of her middle names and I think it's a perfect fit you were my mom's birth coach for all 4 of us and you're going to be mine to!  I am so excited that you're actually going to get your license/certificate to become a Doula and you're doing in time for Abby's birth!  Of course you would've been my coach with or without the certificate but it's so cool that you'll be my Doula!  Dear Fall you have really pulled through for me with the weather lately, keep up the good work.

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Beth said...

Hi, I don't know you but I love your letter. Your courage and spirit is wonderful and you can just tell you are a great parent. Keep the faith and He will take care of you. Just reading your letter helped me remember that for my own issues.

Many thanks for the inspiration! :)


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