Monday, October 22, 2012

5 for Five


linking up with Fantastically Average again!

Here is my list from last week's 5 for Five link up
  1. Continue to do and complete my daily spiritual routine *daily prayer list, devotions, and blessings list*
  2. Get ALL the laundry done *that includes being folded and put away nicely, not just clean in the hamper Marie*
  3.  Blog 3 times this week *1 inspirational, 1 link up, and 1 freebie w/photos*
  4. Start on my book to-do list 
  5. Deep clean the house every day *dusting, floor cleaning, Everything*  
I failed on 1,2,5, and I did ok on number 3.

Lol I'm pretty disapointed in myself I guess I underestimated what having a doctor appointment, being sick, and having to go grocery shopping 2 days in a row would do to my pregnant self.  It was hot and ankles were swollen!  It was miserable lol though that's not an excuse, just gotta keep plugging away at it this week though LOL!  Still love the idea of this link-up and I think it's so great!

so my list for this week

1. Wear human clothes *not yoga pants or sweats* and makeup at least 4 days this week.
2. Blog at least 3 times this week. *inspirational, freebie, and share a recipe*
3. Keep up on the house *if I can't deep clean at least halfway decent will suffice*
4. Keep up with my daily *or what should be my daily* spiritual routine
5.Finish a craft or a project for the house *and blog about it*


Jane said...

Hahaha wearing human clothes can be a stretch for me too if I'm not feeling well. And, I'm sure when I'm pregnant I'll use that as an excuse too. Good luck on your goals this week! You can do it!

Jessica said...

Your first goal for this week made me laugh out loud! And hey, two out of five is respectable! Thanks for linking up!!

JKT said...

It's really the effort that counts and 2 outta 5 isn't bad! You're doing okay :) I'm so glad you're linking up with us again! You have some awesome goals for next week- I now you can do it :)

Rustown Mom said...

Ha! Your goals are admirable, but that deep cleaning...leave that to us OCD types. clean enough is good enough. Repeat three times daily...

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