Sunday, August 19, 2012

15/16 week check up!

Tomorrow is my 15/16 week check up with my wonderful OBGYN, Dr.Nakishima.  I always get a little tense and nervous right before my doctor appointments.  I start thinking about what could be wrong and I don't really feel like i can breathe until after she's done the sonogram.  But I'm choosing not to worry and to just keep praying and having faith in God.      This appointment we may find out the sex of our little one!  If he or she is in a good position, which so far all of our sonogram pictures have been really good for how far along we are.  It'd be great if we could but the sex doesn't matter to me I just want a healthy baby.  Stephen will actually be going with me to this appointment and going in the room to see our sonogram and everything!  Usually it's just my mom going with me but now that the vaginal sonograms are done my husband is comfortable enough to go lol!  So this time it's going to be mom, husband, and me!  A little crowded maybe but that is ok with me.  I'm interested to see if I've gained weight since my morning sickness has started to slack off.  I'm definitely bigger in the waist lol.  Can't wait to do another update tomorrow on the appointment, baby's progress, and how husband handled it all lol!

I'd appreciate prayers and good thoughts if anyone remembers :)  Thank you!  And God bless!

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Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

Ho exciting Marie! I hope it all went well! Can't wait to read an update later! :D


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