Wednesday, June 27, 2012

7weeks Pregnant

Well I'm very happy to report that no miscarriage has taken place. Everything seems to be a false alarm. I guess it's just me being paranoid but I just want this little one so much I can't imagine something happening to him or her. Switching doctors was the most amazing thing I could've done! I am so glad I made that choice I felt like everything turned around at that point. I'm actually going to the same doctor that delivered myself and my three Brothers. My hormone levels are fine, she did a vaginal sonogram {OUCH before now I've never even had a pap smear} and she said I have a nice strong sack, when I went to the appointment I was just barely 6weeks so she said it's normal that we didn't see a heartbeat it was just a bit to early. I go back July 5th for another sonogram to check out the heartbeat and everything with a different doctor because mine is taking a vacation {this doctor actually delivered my cousins} I'm nervous because this doctor is a male and it's gonna be AWKWARD {right?} for some reason I still have that lingering fear that something will be massively wrong and There won't be a heartbeat I'm trying to keep myself from getting to worried about and just have faith in the Lord.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or problems with previous spotting? Or had to change doctors?


Our Little Fam said...

Glad to hear that you are 7 weeks pregnant :)
False alarms can be scary

Jane said...

No advice but I am so happy and excited for the two of you!

Kate said...

yikes! glad everything is ok! I've never had issues with spotting - but I know my mom did with me and my sister. Depends on the person I guess. I was very lucky to have found a midwife I got along with really well during my first pregnancy so I didn't really have to mess around with finding a new doctor... I can definitely sympathize with the male doctor thing though - obviously he's a professional, but I agree you there's still a little bit of awkwardness lol.

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