Friday, May 4, 2012

Living a simple life to the fullest

Lately I've found myself getting down in the dumps, getting discouraged repeatedly and So easily!  And it's my fault.  Self-pity is a horrible, dangerous, and super easy trap to fall into.  And once you're in that hole it can be extremely difficult to get out of it again.  So before I get in to deep I'm going to climb myself out *and hopefully stay out for awhile* one of my big problems lately is that I keep letting people get to me, I let their comments, actions, and sometimes even their very presence touch me in a negative way when I shouldn't even let them in at all!  I find myself turning into them, with a jaded attitude and all!  I should just let it all roll right off my back and keep on going on my merry way.  And I'm going to start doing just that!  I'm going to put all my focus and energy where it needs to be.  On my walk with the Lord, my family, myself, and the other positive people and things in my life.  What do you need to have a full life?  A happy life?  What areas are there that make up the Important Things?  I don't remember why but one day my husband and I made up a list of what we considered to be the basic aspects of any life

  1. The Lord
  2. Family
  3. Nutrition *sustenance, you know what keeps your body going*
  4. Exercise *health whatever you want to call it*
  5. Cleanliness *not just for yourself but for the space{s} that you inhabit like your car, and your home*

If you focus on those 5 things, you won't have time for much else!  Now everyone is different but for me, my closest friends are my family.  And I need to spend as much time with them as I can and be the best I can to them because life is to short not to enjoy every moment I have with these wonderful people I've been blessed with!  Nutrition, what am I putting in my body?  Is it good for me?  Is it hurting me?  I'm I putting in to much of something and not enough of something else?  I also cook for my family so this also really important because it's not just for me.  I get such a joy out of preparing food with love and creativity for them.  I love when people Love my food!  The joy and fulfillment I get out of it is ridiculous.  Exercise, there is nothing better than that awesome burn you feel from a good workout.  Exercising is good for your health, it creates endorphins, and it clears the mind in a wonderful and natural way when something is just eating at you!  Cleanliness, obviously you don't want to stink or anything but for me this is not wearing makeup for a while and it's having a better skin routine or make up removing routine!  And of course keeping my home clean, I can think So much better when my space is organized and clean.  You can't have a clear mind or a healthy life if the space you inhabit is cluttered and stressful!  And of course the best for last, the most important for last...The Lord so this encompasses so much!  My walk with him, honoring him, following the commandments, reading my bible, trusting in him, if I do this how on earth could negative people and things affect me?  If I have my mind, heart, eyes, and ears focused on where they should be it doesn't matter what people say or do, it doesn't matter if nothing is going my way.  I woke up this morning with a need to treat things differently.  To be different, to be better.  At the center of it all I need to make sure the Lord is there.

Now if I sit back and read this, that is A Lot for every singe day?  To focus on these things?  I mean what else would I have time for???  Certainly not letting things get to me, or bogging myself down in self pity!  I'm going to be busy living a simple life to the fullest extent of my abilities!  Not even just for myself *or my family bless them for having to deal with me, be around me, and love me anyways* but because I want to spread happiness and positivity, I want to let people go ahead in the super market, hold the door open for someone at the post office, when someone cuts me off in traffic I don't want to get mad!  When someone says something hurtful or mean 
I don't want to retaliate or let it hurt me at all!  I want to pray for them!  I want to spread the good! 

 Do you ever feel like that?

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Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

Love this post Marie! I feel the same way at times. Like I let people wear me down, over the stupidest things. Things that shouldn't even get to me. And what's worse, I take it out on my husband. Not that I'm rude to him, but it will bring down my attitude, when it's the one day we have to spend with each other all day. I hate that! This was a great reminder for me, to focus my mind and attention on these things as well. Love your posts! :D

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