Sunday, March 18, 2012

Second Hand Sunday

 So today is just going to be a quick second hand sunday post!  It's rainy weather here and we've been in construction and projects and such so been a little busy!  But I had some stuff saved for just such an emergency!
My first second hand find is actually from my mom!  I saved this stool from eternity at the dump!  The cushion had fallen off the frame and my mom was ready for something else.  But I just loved the colors of the cushion and brown of the wood!  It's just faded and battered enough to be perfect for me.

So with a little dusting polish and alot of super glue it's just fine and looks perfect in our little space!

Now this is a second hand treasure of my dad's!  Please excuse the gasoline cans lol!  This is an old horse trailer that couldn't be used anymore so it was heading to the junk pile until my dad decided to paint it white and put up some lattice where the doors are and close it all up...and there you go!

It's now a cute dumpster!  So we don't have to make dump trips as often and it just looks so cute on the ranch!  I love it when my dad gets creative LOL

Do you have any thrift store finds that you just love?  Any old family teasures?  If you have something you'd like to share just grab a button and link up!  I'd love to see what you have!

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Jane said...

What a cute idea your dad came up with! Snazzy indeed! And, I really like your stool too. I love when you can breath new life into something.

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