Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have a doorlemma

So recently my husband and my dad installed AN ACTUAL DOOR in Fort Lester which gives me an extra 3 feet of wall space!  Yeah, that's right.  Three.Whole.Feet.  And a real door, with a real lock, with real keys, it's a wonderful and amazing feeling!  I don't feel like we're constantly under construction!  It feels more like a house, it's so great!  But...unfortunately the best laid plans of mice and see they are boys *ok men but you get the point* the men appear to have gotten SOMETHING on our once pristine, white door.  Several spots actually and of course they are black marks, a few seem to be black sharpie, and I do not know what the rest is.  I've been scrubbing all weekend with multiple cleaners and it's just NOT working.  I don't have a lot of money to work with right now so I'm trying to come up with some ideas to cover at least the bigger spots up.

this is the view from the inside a deffinite improvement over the plywood barn doors I'd had for a year but obviously we had some construction left lol

In the custom of my carpenter family any wall or just anything really that is going to be covered up but someday will have to be opened again for repairs or changes we write on, leave notes and dates, or just write names and whats happening in the world!  My husband wrote a note to me on our wall ♥ we each wrote something and didn't let the other see it until we were finished I felt a litttttle bad after reading his LOL because the below picture is what I wrote to him...

And this is what it looks like with all that extra wall!!!! And the door!  I LOVE it...but like I said there are just a bunch of markings and other yucky spots on it we can't seem to get rid of it's a metal door and my dad said it's probably been like that since we got it.

So I'm brainstorming, hang up a calendar, a coat rack, a picture?  Any other ideas???  Painting it is going to be hard because we're in the middle of winter weather here and spray paint is really the only way to go...and we'd have to pop the door out of it's hinges paint it outside and put it back.  Any ideas would be amazing because right now my husband is sitting here telling to drape a scarf over the top of the door...HELP ME...please.

Love, OCD Me

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Jane said...

Wow! What a difference. It looks great! Maybe one of those bench coat racks? Like it's a one seater bench, but then its back goes up into a coat rack... Hmmm I'm not doing a good job explaining. Something like this... A place to sit, take off shoes, store shoes and hang your coat.

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